Wiley Research Seminar Australia 2019

Evolving Impact: How do we measure the true impact of research?

  • Melbourne Law Building
    185 Pelham St
    Carlton VIC 3053
    Wednesday 30 October, 2019
    9:30am - 4:30pm

About the Event

Join us at the Wiley Research Seminar in October as we explore the evolution of impact and how the changing landscape will affect the way we work, communicate and collaborate.Hear from experts on how to embrace real communication and harness the power of social media. Get involved in the discussion about redefining reward and recognition in academia and engage more deeply with the opportunities offered by Open Research.Featuring keynote presentations, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and networking sessions, the Wiley Research Seminar will help you connect, lead and thrive in an environment of evolving impact.

Event Information

  • 30 October 2019, 9:30am – 4:30pm – Australia Time (UTC +10:00)
  • Melbourne Law Building 185 Pelham St
    Carlton VIC 3053
    Wednesday 30 October, 2019
    9:30am - 4:30pm

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Our Speakers for the Event.

Gabrielle Dolan

Keynote Speaker, Author, Educator

Dr Jessica Borger

Associate Editor of Immunology and Cell Biology

Professor Elaine Stratford

Institute for the Study of Social Change
University of Tasmania

Professor Nigel Andrew

Editor in Chief
Austral Ecology

Cate Swannell

News and Online Editor
Medical Journal of Australia

Julia Ballard

Senior Manager - Partner Marketing

Eileen Dolan

SVP for Strategy and Operations
Wiley Research

Bob Gerrity

University Librarian
Monash University

Martin Borchert

University Librarian
University of New South Wales

Rita Zonius

The Enterprise Social Engineer

Prof Rajiv Khanna AO

Senior Scientist
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

David Nicholson

VP, Society Partnership Development

Nicholas B. de Weydenthal

Researcher and Casual Tutor/Lecturer
University of Melbourne

Rebecca Ciezarek

Journal Publishing Manager

Kylie Emery

Branch Manager - Policy and Strategy
Australian Research Council

Gwenda Thomas

Gwenda Thomas, Director Scholarly Services and University Librarian, University of Melbourne

Judith Gullifer

Associate Dean (Partners and Quality), Charles Sturt University

Event Agenda

Please note that the agenda may change without prior notice.

9:30amWelcome and acknowledgement of countryJulia Ballard
9:45amKeynote from WileyEileen Dolan
10:30am Morning Break
11:00amThe Art and Science of StorytellingGabrielle Dolan
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pmConcurrent Session A
Social Media: Translating research for a social media community
Cate Swanell
Jessica Borger
Rita Zonius
Nigel Andrew
1:00pmConcurrent Session B
Recognition and Reward: The changing reward system in academia, research and publishing
Rebecca Ciezarek
Elaine Stratford
Bob Gerrity
Nicholas B. de Weydenthal
Judith Gullifer
2:30pmAfternoon Break
3:00pmOpen Research sessionMartin Borchert
David Nicholson
Rajiv Khanna
Kylie Emery
Gwenda Thomas
4:15pmWrap up and close

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